We are sewing fashionable masks and scrunchies.  If you need to wear a mask, why not have some fun with it.  Keep it handy for times when physical distancing is difficult.  
Our non-medical masks 
  • are sewn with 100% cotton with a filter made of Celestra which is 100% spun-bonded polypropylene.  This is the type of material recommended. 
  • Our masks are washable.  The metal nose wire is removable for washing.
  • The elastic is adjustable.  It can be worn around your ears.  If you are using the mask for a long period of time, you may want to undo the elastic and add a piece of ribbon so it can be fitted around your head.
  • A bandage or piece of tissue can be put on your nose to help stop glasses fogging.
  • Go to the World Health Organization for information on the use of a non-medical mask
  • If you would like to sew your own mask, my pattern is adapted from Craft Passion

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